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Asset Management

The Norway Savings Asset Management Group offers Investment Management and Trust Services with a unique blend of sophistication, expertise, and uncomplicated Maine values.

We are fee-based advisors, working solely in our clients' best interest. You'll receive personal attention, customized portfolios, and clear choices that simplify your life — and maximize your potential for the future. With diligence and integrity, we do our homework...every day. And manage your portfolio. Wisely.

Investment Management

Our local experts can manage your investment portfolio to help you and your family reach your financial dreams. 

Trust & Estate Planning Services

Let our skilled advisors guide you through the complexities of distributing your assets, identifying tax savings, and establishing and executing trusts.

Financial Planning

Our team can help you plan for retirement, leave a legacy, take advantage of a variety of investment and financial resources and answer all of your most challenging questions.

Banking & Credit Services

As a Norway client, you'll have access to a wealth of personal and business banking, credit tools and financial planning assistance. We'll look at your total financial picture, and help make it brighter. 

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