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Troy Murphy

Bethel bump skier Troy Murphy is taking the stage, literally, as one of the world’s top freestyle mogul champions. In 2014 he was deemed the World Cup “Rookie of the Year.” In 2015 he continued to excel with four top-10 finishes — including a career-best fourth place in Val. St. Come, Canada — and the title of U.S. National Champion.

Troy was born in 1992 and grew up in Bethel. He graduated from Gould Academy in 2010. He skied from an early age in the Maine mountains, competing in park, halfpipe and mogul events. He chose to focus on moguls because he loved the challenge they demanded of both technical skill and speed.

He has a reputation for attempting difficult maneuvers. To master new tricks, Troy uses a three-step process that starts on the trampoline to get the basic feel of the move, then moves to the water ramps to get the skills down, and finally to the snow to master the skill.

Troy spends most of his time training in Utah. He is responsible for the expenses required to train and compete, and must raise about $30,000 a year. Troy has become quite creative in his fundraising efforts. He sells his own pottery and even hosts an annual golf tournament in Bethel. Members of his hometown community have rallied to support his career year after year. And we at Norway Savings have been honored to contribute, as well.

Troy Murphy

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